REALM believes everyone belongs.

Since 2007 they have been helping people with high levels of physical disability and their families become more connected in the community.

Personal volunteer support networks are how we do this. Each network is as unique as the person at the center but united in a belief that by working together, dreams are achieved, lives are enriched, and connections are made.

Creating your own volunteer support network is brave and not always easy but the rewards are powerful. And guess what? It works!

REALM, a registered charity, relies almost 100% on donors like you. Are you ready to help?

Help Us Make a Difference

How We Can Help

Steven Ripplinger (1984-2016) planted the seed for REALM so that many other people could benefit from Support Networks and his life.

Steven lived his life to the fullest. Initially with the support of his parents and immediate family and later with the additional support of his network. Both Steven and his network blossomed.


A personal support network is a small group of volunteers who come together to support a person with high physical disability.

We call that person a Centre.

A Centre can be individual but may also include parents, siblings, spouse or a whole family.

"I wish I had been given this REALM support sooner in my journey. Their process, knowledge and resources have made a real difference for me.”

Each network has a paid Facilitator.

This is a person who helps coordinate the network and supports the Centre to self-direct the network.

A Facilitator typically works about 4 hours each month.

“There are opportunities for people with disabilities but REALM and my network help identify them and figure out what’s needed to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Most importantly, a Facilitator is a connector; connecting people to the network and connecting people on and off the network to the steps and tasks needed to help a Centre achieve priorities and goals.

  • One activity at a time
  • One goal at a time
  • One dream at a time

Who will be on my support network?

Networks might include parents, siblings, extended family, friends or acquaintances from school, work, church, social activities, clubs, sports, your neighbourhood….

….it is different for everyone.

Don’t worry; your facilitator will help you figure this out.

“My son’s network has given him the confidence to become an independent young man who lives the way he wants to live. This is power for him. One of the things I’m most proud of is that he recognizes his own intelligence and has become an independent thinker. The gift of a network has given me more time for my family and for me. Best of all, I can just be mom!”

REALM will guide and support you through the steps to develop your support network with:

  • How Roles Contribute to Your Success
  • Finding your Facilitator
  • Adding Network Members
  • Communication – the Foundations for Everything
  • Network Organization and Tools

Connect with Us.

REALM believes in the power of connection. Let’s connect!

Phone: 306-537-5991 (you’ll reach Amanda)



PO Box 37153
Regina, SK S4S 7K4

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